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Shawls 125*125 and 100*100
Shawls 125*125 and 100*100 (29)
Woolen shawls (80*80 cm.)
Woolen shawls (80*80 cm.) (97)
Арафатки 125*125
Арафатки 125*125 (10)
Платки 100/100 и 78/78 с шелковыми торочками
Платки 100/100 и 78/78 с шелковыми торочками (3)

Headscarves and shawls on the neck

We present our extensive catalog of handkerchiefs. Our online store will help you find shawls and buy beautiful shawls. In the catalog as headscarves, scarves and shawls on the neck. You can buy acryl and woolen shawls.

Implemented by us shawls are only the high quality out of Japanese fabrics from years of proven producers with whom we cooperate. Shawls meet modern standards and fashion.

Headscarves are an essential article of clothing, so are a wide range. Also shawls on the neck will complement your unique style, and the brightness of the image will give a special, popular in recent years, acrylic scarves.